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    Teasing narration for escape room players.

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    The track was created for the escape room Asylum as a teasing narration that players were supposed to listen to before starting the game. As it is often the case with games, after some testing, it became obvious that, although remarkable in its content, the track length didn’t fit the dynamic of the game. Players wanted to start playing immediately, asking them to first listen to four minutes of narration didn’t seem appropriate. Further testing helped fine-tuning duration and dissemination of the soundtrack that, in its final version, was shorter and placed not just at the beginning but in different moments of the narration.

    This is the first time that I have been commissioned a work for a game. It has been great fun.
    Fausta and Filippo have been amazing partners in crime and their Lost Room remains the place to watch because there are other rooms ready to be explored.

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    Lost Room

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