• Cagliari Inedei

    Seven questions, always the same, asked to random people and edited into micro stories. A radio program by Cristina Marras that explores the essence of the city of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) by comparing how its people live their days, from the first thing that they see when they open the eyes in the morning to the last thought they have before falling asleep.

  • Cagliari Inedei

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  • Pills of daily gestures to narrate a city

    Seven questions, always the same, to explore how people live in Cagliari

    Cagliari Inedei (‘inedei’ being the pronunciation of ‘in a day’ written in Italian), is a radio series that explores the essence of the city of Cagliari through the narration of the same seven ordinary moments in the lives of those who live there, building on the notion that a city is but the sum of the moments that people live in its space.

    The radio series explores a fascination with repetitions, nonlinear narrations and with testing how much (or how little) we do need in order to still have a story. Each installment consists of three people who, in turn, detail their actions and thoughts at seven specific moments of the day, starting from the first thing that they see when they open their eyes in the morning and ending with the last thought that they entertain before falling asleep at night.

    The three talents of each installment are chosen among a collection of interviews that I routinely conduct with friends, family and strangers whenever I have the opportunity, and it is surprising how willing people are to share their most intimate thoughts:

    “The saddest moment of the day is when I bring my son to bed and he cries because he only want his father.”

    Talents are instructed to introduce each answer by repeating the question so that my disappears, allowing them to carry a seemingly spontaneous narration. Each set of three talent is chosen not only to provide diversity within the narration but also based on different pitch/timbre of voice.

    Despite the similarities given by the repetition of the same seven questions, Cagliari Inedei surprises for the range of moods, situations and personalities transpiring from the words, tones and silences of the characters, making each installment a unique exploration into the lives of the inhabitant of this small town of 154,000 in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The mini-format of Cagliari Inedei (each instalment lasting an average of 5 minutes) was inspired by the audio installation Every Day at a Certain Time of the Day, a work that I was commissioned, while living in Australia, to be presented at the forum The Art and Science of Communication in Multicultural Victoria as part of Cultural Diversity Week 2016.

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  • Cagliari Inedei twice a week on Radio X 96.8FM

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