• Drowning

    A very, very, short, short story created for the Sarah Awards.

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    Where do ideas come from?

    I created this story for the “Very, Very, Short, Short Stories Contest –Sarah Awards“.

    It had to be between 1-3 minutes long and follow these rules:

    • Dialogue – had to include the line “Do one thing for a person, and he think he owes you; do everything for a person, and he thinks you owe him.”
    • Sound – had to feature the sound of cicadas whirring.
    • Narrative – the action had to take place during the hottest summer on record.

    I came up with this story many years ago, fascinated by two ideas: pretending to be telling a story while having something completely different in mind and
    the myth of the life flashing in front of the eyes of someone who is drowning.

    I had the story clear in my mind but I never did anything with it, that is until I read the Sarah Awards rules and I knew immediately that they provided the perfect constraint within which to tell my story. This is how Drowning came to be.

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