• For the country

    Trying to make sense of the lockdown by playing with sound and words.

  • Created on the sound of a nurse wearing PPE

  • It feels like a lottery

    Amidst the incapacity of politicians and the ignorance of the people

    I spent 2 months in full lockdown in Italy. I was allowed to get out only because I had to bring food to my 84yo mother who was not allowed to go out because she is at very high risk.

    During the lockdown we lived in panic, the few people you met, crossed the street to be as far away from each other as possible. It was all very strange. Now, we have entered phase 2 and no one really knows what it means, some people are going back to their life ignoring distancing and masks, other are regretting the end of phase 1.

    I am thinking about those who were working during the lockdown period, nurses (my brother is one of them), doctors, carers: if people ignore the new guidelines, will their work have been for nothing? It feels like it’s all a big lottery, amidst the incapacity of politicians and the ignorance of the people.

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