• Freedom

    An illustration created for my friend Lucia, a talented jazz singer whose newly released new album includes 'Freedom', a song for which I wrote the lyrics.

  • My friend Lucia Fodde, jazz singer

    Lucia Fodde, jazz singer, illustration in pop colours
  • Lucia Fodde, jazz singer

    Her latest album Freedom, and our friendship

    Sometimes we skipped school just to wander around the city (smoking and laughing, laughing a lot). But what was even more fun than skipping school was going to her place to study and spend the night there.

    We were in high school. Lucia’s family occupied two entire floors in one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Lucia’s room was downstairs, far away from her parents, and we had basically the entire floor for ourselves.

    I remember the nights spent together chatting and exchanging notes about the boys we liked and about how far we had allowed our current boyfriend to go. We smoked (activity that was double prohibited because of Lucia’s asthma) and we probably also drunk, and we definitely roared with laughter and giggled and sang like you can only do when you are fifteen.

    We lost sight of each other for well over thirty years. Then we met again: she had moved to Berlin and had become a jazz singer, I was about to move back to Italy after spending the best part of my life abroad (but I didn’t know that just then).

    Since we reconnected we have been cherishing our friendship like you can only do with someone that saw you as a child. Every time Lucia comes to Cagliari we try to catch up in person, but we also try to keep in touch with all the technology that we have. And sometimes we even collaborate. This is how the song Freedom was born (in her latest album, you must listen to it!), with Lucia taking my words and transforming them into a magic mix of want, desire and nostalgia in the coolest musical arrangement, with her voice that gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

    So Lucia, this is just to say that I am so glad for our friendship.

  • Lucia Fodde / Elektro Projekt - FREEDOM - Live at The Famous Gold Watch

    Listen to Freedom

    Lucia Fodde (vocal/songwriter)
    Davide Incorvaia (synthesizers – Yamaha reface cp, Dreadbox Erebus, Arturia Keystep)
    Giuseppe Bottiglieri (eletric bass)
    Jesus Vega (drums)

    Recorded, filmed, edited and mixed at The Famous Gold Watch:
    Audio recording/editing by Cameron James Laing
    Video recording/editing by Jaime Molleda

    Lyrics by Cristina Marras

    Standard YouTube License