• Hug

    I want to hug my mother, but I know that it's too dangerous. How did we end up here? Is this the new normal?

  • 'Hug' opens All the best radio episode.

    The new normal in times of coronavirus
    What does it feel like when you want to hug someone but you know that you should not? Or when you do, despite knowing that you should not?
    This is the new normal, when even the most mundane tasks, like taking the shopping to your elderly mother, become source of worry and doubt.
    This story was created for Sarah Geis’ project Audio Playground and opens this episode of All the best radio,
    Producer: Cristina Marras

    Music: ‘Vibrion Phonetica no.3’ by Max Sergeev, ‘Axanometric’ by Dural

  • The new normal