• Letter to the Wolf

    “You know what? I have done a beautiful thing. I have stitched my lips together, so that all my memories are secured inside.”

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    Because what are you if you don't have a name? (maybe you are free)

    Dear Wolf, I hope this letter will reach you in the place where we met once, where you stared at me and I stared back, wagging the tails.

    I am writing from a shed, in the middle of the desert. My journey took me to a place called Australia.


    You see, dear Wolf, here in Australia we are an invisible population looking for shelter. People call us with various names. Some call us Africans, some call us Afghans, Asian, Irish. Some call us animals, some call us illegal.

    But these are not our real names of course,   these are made-up names, so that people have something to call us with. I really don’t mind. But if I could choose, I’d like something like Jim, or Brian. Jack would be ok too. […]


    Text adapted from a short story by Saverio Minutolo with Kamen Nedev‘s voice.


  • Woomera, South Australia

    Woomera, South Australia