• Sounds of 2020

    Amidst this new normal, remembering the banality of lost activities is enough to make me cry.

  • A compilation of some of the best reimagined sounds of 2020 – and the original field recordings that inspired them.

    Each of these tracks is a new composition developed from a field recording in the Cities and Memory project – this year’s tour takes us from pagan ritual in English fields to Indian religious ceremonies, via billionaires at the World Economic Forum, elaborate tombs, thrilling speedboat rides, moments of natural contemplation and, of course, the global Covid-19 lockdowns.

    These tracks are taken from the Cities and Memory project, and none appear on any of our other 2020 album releases.

    To explore more than 4,000 reimagined sounds and recordings from all over the world, visit www.citiesandmemory.com.

    released December 14, 2020

    All reimagined sounds and field recordings by Cities and Memory except where otherwise indicated. Cover photo by Giulia Biasibetti.

    all rights reserved